Jul 292018

Fantasy Cosplay Peril Parody – Princess Alexandria vs Queen Ravenna
Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Princess Alexandria and Zoey Knoxx as Queen Ravenna
Summary: In Roman times after a long and brutal reign, Princess Alexandria has been overthrown. Her armies have deserted her and she is forced to accept the harsh judgement of her captor: Queen Ravenna who sentence her to a trio of Rack stretching. Dramtic, painful and slow where the Princess body will be stretched to it’s maximum until she gives up.
The sentence will take place in the Evil and Merciless Queen’s dungeon and she will personally act as the executor.. finding pleasure throughout the execution. Princess Alexandria is awaiting her faith, worried for her life.
Includes: Anastasia Pierce, Zoey Knoxx, Cosplay, SHIP, Roman Time, Stretching Rack, evil Queen, Princess in Distress, stretching medieval rack, wheel of pain, ,humiliation, Peril, Bondage, Stretching, Oiled up, Naked, Wet, Fantasy, Magic, Magical, Fantastic, Games of Thrones, Queens, wooden stock, parody, prison, bound, bondage, Princess in distress with bondage and humiliation. No escape, doom.
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Duration: 00:39:54 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 2.9 GB

Download – Doom On the Rack-Stretched to the MAX, Full.mp4

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