Nov 252018

Misty has stalked Batgirl enough to know where she lives and her true identity. One day she makes her way into Cali Logan’s house and confirms it is Batgirl. Cali is sleeping as Misty enters her room. Misty pulls the covers lightly back and exposes Cali’s breast and sees that she just has her panties on. Misty plays with Cali’s breast for a little while and rubs on her soft skin. She even pulls Cali’s panties down to see what she has. Misty gives Cali a kiss on the neck leaving some of her lipstick behind and rubs on Cali a little while longer. Misty goes to get Cali’s Batgirl attire and begins applying what she can to Cali’s sleeping body. She happens to get the mask and a glove on.
Cali wakes up and doesn’t realize what is going on, and then she wonders who, what, where and why about Misty being in her house. Misty begins spouting out that she was Cali’s biggest fan that she was mean to. Cali has no recollection of what she is talking about. Misty goes on to say that Cali didn’t give her a souvenir and she was upset that Cali wouldn’t give her a glove or anything. Cali goes on about she can’t give her outfit away it is to help her fight crime. But none of that is good enough for Misty. They begin getting into it and Misty is not the underdog in this situation. She gets Cali where she wants her and continues playing with her breast and sitting on her chest. Making Cali weaker, Misty does everything to keep power. Misty even sits on Cali’s face. Misty moves Cali to the perfect position for a sleeper hold. After Cali is sleeping, Misty plays with her limp body and has the perfect plan.
Misty has dressed Cali in her Batgirl attire and tied her hands behind her back. Misty has placed Cali in a different room and on a chair. As Cali wakes up Misty says hello to the camera and introduces Batgirl. Misty begins unmasking Cali and taking off little by little. By the time it is all done and said Misty has maybe a new sex slave. Cali wont be going anywhere.
This clip runs 21 minutes long with superheroine, domination, limp fetish, sleep fetish, super villain, face sitting, rope bondage, forced stripping, tit play
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