Oct 082018

Ariel vs Christina
Sexy tight jeans, showing off two gorgeous butts, what could be better – if they wrestle then tie the loser up. that could be better and then if they change into different jeans and do it all over again, over and over for over 37 minutes – now that really makes it better. And who are the owners of these beautiful bubble butts, non other than Ariel X and Christina Carter. Each takes tuns getting her opponent in great holds especially body scissors so they can stroke and spank those amazing asses, then a good tie up where more great stroking is employed and these jeans really accentuate the curves in these great butts. Eventually they also take their tops off as the fights get more intense and we are treated to great busts and great butts. They even get so carried away they kiss and lick these inviting asses. Butts, bondage, breasts and wrestling – could it get any better ?!?!?!?
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