Dec 312018

Ariel X/Cherie/Miko/Prinzzess
I don’t know if you are ready for this one – it’s a true classic in the honor of that great show Charlie’s Angeles where we were blessed with so many great girls fighting but this is even better because it’s girls fighting girls and in some classic ways. Three bad girls; Prinzzess, Miko Sinn, and Cherie Deville are all waiting for a female cop that is coming to take them in but they laugh and decide to take her on one at a time assuming she won’t even get past the first one Prinzzess because she is such a great all around fighter and if she does then Miko will destroy her will her total karate, now if by some miracle she gets by them then Cherie will crush her with her strong legs wrestling. So who is this super cop, who else; Ariel X, who shows up in her short school girl skirt and white shirt, before all this we saw Ariel talking to Charlie and telling him what she plans. Each fight is a masterpiece, Prinzzess first, full of fabulous fist fighting and wrestling, form blows at the wall to chokes and stretches on the ground, trust me this is better than those original girl fights that never let us see enough of the fighting – don’t worry you’ll see it all here. Next fight is with the karate expert so we are treated to savage blows and kicks as Miko proves to be quite the accomplished Kung Fu lady but Ariel is no slouch and goes with her blow for blow, it’s a fabulous back and forth battle but finally X chokes her out with her robe leaving her topless as she did Prinzzess. Finally we have the leg master Cherie, and it’s to the ground we soon go as those crushing legs are applied to poor Ariel and it doesn’t look good until the X lady shows she can really wrestle and we soon have a savage ground game with both ladies applying great holds from all directions. Will Charlie be disappointed or will his savage angel come through? This video has the gambit of female fights, fists, kicks, and wrestling with all the fun of those great old shows only these fights are sooooo much better !!!!!!!!!
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