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Anabelle Pync has been arrested again for causing trouble. It looks like she could spend considerable time in prison because she violated her parole. She is marched in with her hands cuffed behind her back and bitching about how her rich parents usually bail her out in a couple of hours and this is taking too long.Officer Dakota Charms is firm and tells her that she must go to court, but for now she is to be booked. She does offer to move the handcuffs from behind to the front as long as Anabelle agrees to wear leg irons.The booking process starts and Anabelle is asked for her shoe and dress size for her uniform. She is placed on a scale and jewelry is taken to be put in a box when she is released.During the strip search, Anabelle moans in disgust, but takes off her tube top and throws it on the floor. The cop will not allow her to be a slob and f****s her to pick it up. Since she is still bound at the legs, Anabelle struggles to do so.Dakota checks her long hair, and under her large breasts to make sure that she is not hiding anything. The shackles are removed and Anabelle is ordered to remove her pants, panties and shoes and place them in the box. She is commanded to bend over and cough while her pussy and ass are checked. The search is so thorough that even her toes and feet are inspected.Once the stripsearch is over, Anabelle is handed an orange jumpsuit and a pair of flipflops. This is a far cry from the designer clothes and shoes that she is accustomed, but she begrudgingly puts it on. The handcuff and legirons are returned to her limbs and Anabelle is officially booked as prisoner 4587. She will be locked in her cell for 23 hours per day and perhaps she can now learn the humility she desperately needs!
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