Oct 032018

Female Domination, Therapy
Have a seat, you were referred to me by your previous Psychologist. She told me that you were hard to handle that she tried to solve your problems. You feel like you’re being ignored, that people take advantage of you, they think you are useless, and this makes you feel sorry for yourself. I think I can help you with this. She tried different types of treatments, but I am going to handle this is one session, but you’ll keep coming back. You think everyone hates you and wants you to fail. The truth of it all is that what you feel is real and it’s true. You’re the loser you feel that you are. You are right to feel this way. Just give up and accept that this is your life. You are a little bitch and a pussy and you have a pity party going all of the time. You will be unhappy all of the time, but you will embrace it. I will make sure to drive it home so you can learn acceptance. Once you get good at this and can fully accept how you are I will give you positive reinforcement by allowing you to take a look at my glorious body.. You’ll accept these as the truth if you’re being rewarded with a glorious goddess’s body!
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