Jul 092018

This is absolutely a shocking display of physical, verbal and mental humiliation that will leave you wondering how the dejected loser will ever get back on the mats again. You will lose count of the number of submissions being extracted by Constance’s strong legs. Rib crushing pressure, skull crushing head scissors, smothering facesits, sleepers and she even resorts to hair pulling and tit twisting. The fight ending sleeper is super scary and causes a frantic tap-out by Selene, the humbled loser is posed over, her victors foot on her pussy, belly, tits and throat. Unfortunately the domination and humiliation has just be as she verbally assaults Selene while forcing her to suck the dildo, apply saliva so she can jam it in her wet cunt and make her cum. She sits on her face making sure she gets a good dose of pussy and ass while giving Selene a toe curling, earth shattering multiple orgasm.
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