Sep 052018

So Alix Lynx is the lightweight champ and Christina Carter is the heavy weight camp but they both have a problem – nobody wants to wrestle them so both having extreme egos want to destroy each other – after a meeting in the ring they decide to go for this but they add a whole new extreme to the match; it will be a dirty panties match and one of them takes that even further offering more humiliation. After two weeks they meet again in the ring both dressed in sexy lingerie and ready to do battle and a battle we have, Christina charges her smaller foe but is met with a surprise and Alix batters her in the corner with slugs to the face along with a savage kick to the jaw. but being a consumate pro Christina finds a way out and takes over with stomping, slugs, and a face sit that plants her ample beautiful bottom on the smaller one and wins the first fall. It gets even worse for Alix before she has her turn and uses her quickness to win her share with more brutal face slugs and an amazing camel clutch where she covers her whole face suffocating that pretty face. It turns into a back and forth battle full of bruises and blood and ending with one beauty eating a dirty pair of panties and a whole lot more !!!!!!!
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