Aug 072018

onderous Girl takes revenge on Stewart Pidazz for publicly humiliating her in a previous encounter. She catches the nerdy villain off guard and without his strength serum for a very one sided beat down. Unfortunately for Wonderous Girl her foe has a plan for all contingencies and is able to turn the tables! Wonderous Girl is horrified as she has flash backs but nothing prepares her for what happens next… Wonderous Girl’s breasts are exposed to the world on a live broadcast! To make matters worse, Stewart reveals Wonderous Girl’s true identity… Amber Mcalester! Stewart sells time with Amber to a couple of her co-workers at the IADC and they have fun with the helpless Amazon all while still being broadcast live! Wonderous Girl is beaten, fucked, and brought to multiple orgasms in front of millions.
Once the men have finished violating Amber, Stewart tries to make a new and improved strength serum from Amber’s Amazonian Milk!
This movie includes, beatdowns, sim sex, topless nudity, electrocution, groping, forced orgasms, KOs, Fausta perils, Topless nudity, low blows and more!
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Duration: 0:40:28 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1 GB

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