Jan 112019

Such a popular series it had to continue, 1323-01, 1237-02 and 1349-03 have all been part of this sexy slave series and for the next great installment we are blessed with four hot participants. When last we left Ivy Sherwood had taken over as being Prinzzess’ sex slave master. We find a naked Prinzzess where we last left her, blindfolded and tied in the corner with the nipple clamps still on, a topless Misty Stone enters the ring with a gift for her sex slave but upon untying her she finds the necklace Ivy had given her and becomes enraged so that when the topless duel of Karlie Montana and Ivy show up Misty goes after Ivy only to be stopped by Karlie who decides she will be the judge of who gets Prinzzess – they will each fight a naked Prinzzess and then control her and sex her up and who does it better will get her. Ivy goes first and she soon finds out even a salve Prinzzess is tough, it’s a wild battle where both girls gain control but eventually Ivy beats her and with the help of Karlie they tie her up so Ivy can tweek and squeeze her tits then pound both tits and gut and finally she sensuously strokes her captive till she gets a wild orgasm. Next it’s Misty’s turn and not to be outdone she goes crazy on poor Prinzzess, sitting on her breasts and pulling her legs up over her head securing a total victory then handcuffing her so she can use the spiked gloves on her milky white skin, then she uses her whole body to give the blonde babe a glorious orgasm. Karlie decides the winner who gets to put handcuffs on her competitor and then destroy her as she wishes, and she does it so completely then ties Prinzzess to the ring ropes and goes to the outside of the ring so she sexes her slave up from behind and so complete is this sex that our gorgeous Prinzzess can not help but have a sexual explosion. Four fabulous beauties with great fighting, fabulous domination and enticing sex – it’s no winder this is such a popular series. you get so much in one video !!!!!
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