Aug 302018

Ivy vs Serena
Ivy Sherwood and Serena Blair are wrestling in the complete nude in this vibrant video. Both women have tight and perky bodies. Serena has her hair in tight multicolored pigtails. She also has purple eye shadow and lipstick. She starts the match by announcing that she may be “small, but she is very strong.” They meet in the center of the ring and start with a test of strength. Ivy’s coffee toned skin presses up against Serena’s milky white body. Ivy brings Serena to her knees and then stands over her while glowering. Ivy leads directly into a Boston crab. However, Serena makes it to the ropes, forcing the ref to split them up. Once again, they start with a test of strength. This time Serena succeeds and applies an abdominal stretch that leaves Ivy’s ruby red lips howling for help. Ivy uses her nails to grab a handful of Serena’s hair and reverses the position. Ivy pins Serena’s knees behind her head and then sits on them. This leaves Serena’s taut little ass and crotch pointing up in the air and facing the camera. This match has a beautiful array of submissions and holds. There are multiple different kinds of tests of strength. There are full nelsons, Mexican ceiling holds, and standing bow and arrows. If you want a nude match with cute girls doing lots of different moves, then you have got to get your hands on this video.
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