May 222018

Allayah Love vs Alix Lynx
So eager to fight, two beautiful blondes of about the same size; Allayah Love and Alix Lynx both meet in the office to secure a deal on their next match and boy do they not like each other – so much is the dislike that when they are left alone a fight breaks out, they take tuns battering each other against the wall, slugs to both face and gut. Only when Mark reenters are they forced to stop their savage beating. Next we find them getting ready in the back room and boy are they in some sexy outfits that show off their sexy shapely legs, more trash talk and soon into the ring we go. A wild fight ensues where one uses her lethal legs to choke her victim and win the first fall, only to be faced with a fabulous butt in the second fall, yes, a hard deep face sit faces another fall to it’s finish. Kicking and slugs have both of these gorgeous blonds reeling, so savage they draw blood. Their sleek legs are accentuated by the black stocking and nylons as they use their legs as lethal weapons. Two amazing blondes that put on one hell of a show, and one is forced to do some real ass kissing !!!!
tags:catfight,cat fight,,female fighting,ring wrestling,female wrestling,Scissors,catfighting,cat fighting,catfight fetish ,lesbian domination,lezdom,humiliation,submission,forced orgasm,facesitting,spanking,lesbian bondage,slave,slavery,mistress,enslavment

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