Oct 132018

Celeste Star is a petite, tight-bodied brunette. She is fighting Makayla Cox, a taller and stronger woman with raven hair and large breasts. Celeste stands in her corner talking to herself about how nervous she is to fight such a strong opponent. Celeste summons the courage and confronts Makayla. Celeste’s slim pallid frame is underwhelming when standing next to Makayla’s tanned and curvaceous body. The two women clash and Celeste is shown to be the weaker wrestler. Makayla manhandles her unlucky foe. She throws her to the mat and straddles her in a grape vine. Celeste yelps in pain, but is far from giving up. In fact, she gets in a few good shots of her own. While Celeste has the curvy Makayla against the ropes, she becomes overwhelmed by the sight of Makayla’s beautiful body. She grips Makayla’s large breasts while staring deep into her eyes. Makayla slaps her away and regains control. Once again sitting on top of Celeste, Makayla drops her sizable chest into Celeste’s face. A twinge of a smile seems to cross Celeste’s face. Makayla laughs, saying, “You like this don’t you?” Makayla decides to milk the situation by putting Celeste in a schoolgirl pin and a head scissors. Both of these holds seem to excite and torment Celeste. What other tortures and delights does Makayla have in store for Celeste?
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