W0nder G1rl Ensn1red By Her 0wn Lass0

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Jul 042015


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Are you as gay as they?

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Jul 042015

Are you as gay as they?

You don’t even realize how much I’ve conditioned you to want this. Just the sound of my voice stiffens your cock in anticipation. You know what I want from you. You know what I expect. But today I’m going to pollute your mind worse than you ever imagined. You’ll be nothing but a gay faggot zombie by the time I’m done with you. And to do that…you need to be acclimatized. The more cocks and muscles I parade in front of you…the more you stroke your cock to homoerotic images…the more you listen to the sound of my voice as I penetrate your subconscious mind…the more gay you become. Is this what you really want? Do you even know anymore? Stroke for me and push your limits…this cock is going to go deeper than ever before.

Clip Contains: An unbelievable display of hung muscle studs; fucking sucking and licking each other. You’re being conditioned to be my gay faggot zombie and there is no turning back. You want this more than ever and it’s only a matter of time before I turn you completely.
tags:forced bi, forcedbi, gay encouragement,faggot,homosexual encouragement

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“The Cruel Interrogation of Chea Musashi, Part 1”

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Jul 042015

Starring Annie Cruz and Nicole Oring
Another installment in the Bloody Fucking Vengeance storyline! This scene takes place after Annie has already taken down all of her former teammates for betraying her and Jacob. Now Annie has hunted down Chea Musashi, a notorious figher-for-hire that Annie thinks will lead her to the mastermind of her betrayal, Adam. Chea is not cooperative, so of course a brutal kung fu fight erupts!

Annie and Chea trade blows, but soon it is clear that Chea is the better fighter, using blows to Annie’s soft breasts and crotch to weaken her. Annie is rendered completely helpless, and Chea humiliates her further by sexually humiliating her– making Annie cum and then shoving her pussy in Annie’s face!

Annie looks completely finished as Chea punches her some more–or is she simply waiting for the right moment to strike?!

Included in this thrilling episode:

Back and forth kung fu fighting, punching, kicking, breast punching, strikes to the ass, low blows, face punching, knees to the stomach, stripping, spanking, humiliation, groping, orgasm, pussy-to-face, bondage, breast claws, and much much more!

Info :Size: 864.57 MiB, Duration: 00:22:55, Resolution :1280×720, Format: MP4

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FetishArabesque – I make you eat My Muslima Ass

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Jul 032015

FetishArabesque – I make you eat My Muslima Ass

This is My fantasy. My FemmeDomme dream when I meet the right bitch. Anyway….You long to taste the ass of this Muslimah sinner. Now you’re being made to. No choice. You are under My control. I’m going to sit on your face with My full weight. My ass cheeks will envelop your face. My ass will smoth3r you. You’re gonna lick the fingers that have been in My ass after you dine on the Divinity in My ass. You’ll be made to smell and eat My divine self as your religion and self worth are be utterly humiliated. Exactly what you need and deserve.

Info :Size: 436.66 MiB, Duration: 00:05:46, Resolution :1280×720, Format: MP4

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ProStyleFantasies – X Club Wrestling Episode #34!

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Jul 032015

In HD!

Last week, The American Mean Girl, Christie Stevens, along with her sexy minion, Jessica Ryan, accepted GI Jewell’s tag team challenge for Divapocalypse 2! Of course the two Mean Girls proceeded to annihilate GI Jewell as well!

This week, we have Jessica Ryan in singles competition against the young and nubile rookie, Karissa Kane! Surely Jessica plans to destroy and humiliate Karissa as well, if for no other reason than to let GI Jewell know that she and Christie mean business!

But before Jessica’s match can even begin, we find out that XCW’s head official, Ela Darling, is most unhappy with Jessica’s performance as an XCW referee! This puts Jessica in a VERY foul mood, and she takes it out on both Ela and Karissa, destroying them both and sexually dominating them! Karissa is even made to orgasm both by Jessica’s hand and then by her mouth! (Softcore)

But what’s this? The Marquise and The Dominator are coming to the ring?? What are their intentions?? Do they mean to lure the Warrior to the ring so that they might issue a challenge of their own??

Included in this HOT and exciting episode:

Wrestling, brawling, spanking, wedgies, unwanted orgasms (by hand, by mouth, and by strapon), low blows, breast punches, stomach punching, cleavage clench, stripping, throws and holds, humiliation, forearm blows, sexual domination, two-on-one beatdown, bitch slapping, slams, piledriver, and lots more!!

Starring Karissa Kane, Jessica Ryan, Ela Darling, Christina Carter, Diana Knight, Rifferus, and Melissa Jacobs!

Info :Size: 1.50 GiB, Duration: 00:40:20, Resolution: 1280×720, Format: MP4

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