May 062018

Is there anything more sexy than a short black dress, no especially when worn by sexy ladies with amazing legs and that’s just what we have here with Alix Lynx, Christina Carter and Ariel X. Alix, the sleek blonde struts around the ring touting the glory of being blonde, soon followed by our two gorgeous brunettes stoking the benefits of being brunette. Talk turns to violence as the brunettes take it to the blonde and beat the hell out of her in so many sexy ways, always causing that short dress to pull up over her hard ass – it’s double teaming at it’s best with stretches and pounding and all with the heels still on. Wait, what is this the blonde is making a come back and when she gets the upper hand she goes all the way, taking off their panties so she can go hard on the vulnerable pussies. Will the brunettes come back? Blonde or brunette – who wins when the sexiest women in short dresses and heels go crazy on each other !!!!
tags:catfight,cat fight,,female fighting,ring wrestling,female wrestling,Scissors,catfighting,cat fighting,catfight fetish ,lesbian domination,lezdom,humiliation,submission,forced orgasm,facesitting

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