Apr 102018

ACADEMY WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH IN GI’S Academy Wrestling champion Ariel X returns, her buff, sculpted body looking better than ever, to take on top contender Isamar in this loser gets fucked championship re-match. Rough and tumble 100% real gi combat gives contender Isamar a slight advantage with 5 years bjj training. This is fierce and highly competitive action from skilled grappling experts as neither is willing to submit until devastating choke, scissor and arm bar submissions taps out Isamar. Gi fighting gives way to nude grappling action that becomes even more ferocious until one game but deflated opponent gets scissored and twisted into screaming submission. The winner claims her prize with a forward and reverse facesit that has the loser obediently eating the victors pussy and diligently tongue fucking her asshole. The humiliated loser is throat fucked then forcefully and roughly pussy fucked to a thunderous orgasm. She is left debased and prone on the mat with the dildo still stuffed deep into her twat. Only after the champion leaves the mat does the hard tool pop out of the losers dripping and ravaged pussy!
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