Oct 112018

You lay back on your bed as two young cute nurses from the sleep research center begin their examination. "I’m Alex and this is Lily," the little brunette says, "we’ll be running a few test on you to find the right methods for helping you get a good night’s rest. Just lay back and relax while we ask you a few questions"
"Do you use your phone or laptop while you’re in bed?" asks the pretty blonde Lily. Their voices are sweet soft and calming, as they continue to ask questions "Is you mattress firm or soft? Do you use white noise?"
"Great. Now we’re just going to do a quick physical exam" Alex says. You weren’t expecting this…what kind of physical examine? She clicks on her light pen and shines it into your eyes. "Pupils are reacting normally" Alex says as Lily’s pen scratches down the information on her clipboard. "Let’s check your hearing" she adds
"Now when you hear a click, squeeze our hand to indicate which ear, ready?" Lily asks as they take your hands into their own soft delicate ones. You squeeze as they click, are they caressing your hand?
"Excellent. I think we’re ready to run some tests" Alex says and grabs some objects.
"Sound is very important to sleep," Lily tells you in her calming voice "so what we want to do is find the right sounds to sooth you into relaxing for a better night’s sleep. Sometimes it’s the sound of air flowing or even a sense of warmth like breath on your neck."
"Other times it’s the sound of water flowing or even just the smacking sound of something wet" Alex says as she twists a bottle very close to your ear. It gives off the subtle sound of splashing.
"People often find this to be very relaxing," Lily says as she does the same thing by your other ear, "but I’m getting the sense that we haven’t found your sleep trigger just yet."
"It might need to be a more organic sound" Alex guesses and moves in close to your ear "What about when both ears are stimulated by the sound of our breathing?" Lily follows and soon the sound of their breathing fills your ears, their warm breath on your neck as they whisper.
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