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Alex: Hi. I’m Alex Blake and I want you to listen to the sound of my voice. That’s it, relax and just listen while you look into my eyes. I love staring into your eyes while you listen to my voice. I love how you look at me as the sound of my voice clams you. My big eyes looking directly into yours as my voice makes all your stress fade away. Do you like when I whisper? I hope so because all I want to do is make you happy. Please let me make you happy. Just sit back and let me take care of you. Let the world slip away. It’s just you and me now. No job. No wife. No stress. You’re all that matters. You deserve so much more. Let me give you what you deserve. Did you like that? Do you like the wet sound of my mouth as I lick my lips? Does that please you? I’ll do anything to please you. Can I confess something? It turns me on. Does it turn you on sir? Its ok, we’re alone, no one will know. I love when you listen to my voice and stare into my eyes. I promise I’ll take such good care of you sir. You’re twice my age. Does that turn you on sir? Being alone with a nineteen year old girl while your wife is in the other room? I’ll be quiet for you sir. She’ll never know. You know what sound I love sir? The sound of kissing. Can i kiss you sir?
Gopro Head Mount: Alex kisses and licks him, teasing him about getting caught with a nineteen year old girl dressed as a unicorn.
Alex: Do you like this sir? Looking down into my eyes as I look up at you from my knees? This is what you want isn’t it, towering over me while adore you. I wonder what your wedding ring would sound like in my mouth [sucks off his wedding ring] Its ok sir. She won’t know. You deserve so much more. I’ll give that to you. I’ll make you feel so good, you’ll forget all about your wife. You want that don’t you? To forget all about her. Forget about your responsibilities. All that matters is how I worship you. How my voice sounds in your ears. The sound of my mouth on your cock. The way I look into your eyes. Can I have your cock now sir? Do you want to hear me beg for it? I’ll beg. Please sir. Please let me taste your cock. I need to please you. I need to devote myself to your pleasure. You can own me. I’ll be your pet. And you can be my master. Do you like when I call you that? Do you like the idea of owning me master? Owning my little body. My mouth. My holes. Anything for you master. Anything in the world. Your so perfect master. You deserve this. You deserve to be worshipped. Stay here with me master. Stay in this state of bliss. All that matter is my voice, my eyes, my mouth. Your wife doesn’t adore your cock like this does she? Not the way I do. Does she spit on it? [spits on cock] Does she get sloppy? I’ll get sloppy for you. I’ll make myself a mess for you master. I’ll do all the dirty things your wife won’t. I’ll be your perfect submissive little slut. Does she pleasure your balls master? I will. I run my little tongue all over them while I stare up into your eyes. My little hand stroking your hard cock. Your wife doesn’t deserve you. You deserve a pet that knows all your fantasies, all the ways to bring you pleasure. A slave that worships you. Who whispers quietly while your wife [snores] in the other room. A good girl willingly offers herself as a sex slave for your pleasure. Please master. Lay back and let your slave worship you. That’s it master. Just enjoy yourself. Enjoy looking at my young body and the way I wrap myself around your legs. But most of all enjoy the sounds. The wet sounds of my mouth on your cock. I love how you twitch master. It lets me know I’m being a good girl. It lets me know I’ve made you forget about your wife, your job, everything. All that matters is you. All I care about is keeping you like this.your mind reeling from the pleasure of my mouth. You’re my master, but I’m in control. You know you shouldn’t be letting a little nineteen year old girl pleasure you like this, but you can’t help your self. I look so good don’t I? So pretty. So young. So submissive. you love how I make you feel like a god. How I keep you entranced with my voice. How I look into your eyes. You can’t look away can you? You know at any minute you might be found out. You wife might wake up and hear us, but you can’t move. You don’t want the pleasure to end do you master? Not when you’re so close. But how long will I keep you like this. I could do this all night.all day if you want master. Imagine feeling this good all day long. I could bring some of my friends next time. Would you like that? I’ll train them. I’ll show them how to be quiet for you master. How to stare up into your eyes and worship you with their mouths. Would you like that? A group of girls all pleasuring you at one time? I’ll do that for you master. I’ll do anything to keep you like this. To control you like this. You can cum whenever you want master. I’ll just stroke you gently like this until you cum
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