Aug 252018

Femdom, Redheads
This video is more of a vlog, than anything. Keep that in mind. A lot of people that make these videos have never really done this sort of thing in person. I don’t treat Mr J as a sub or dominate him and he doesn’t do that to me. I don’t care to do real time sessions, maybe if I were single things would be different, but for me a lot of what this is is that I am dominate. I enjoy telling you what to do and it turns me on. There are some people that do everything I ask them to and others that will pretend to do it and there’s telling signs for that. Of course, not everything I say I want you to do do I expect you to actually do. It’s a way of venting for you and a way of me dominating you not only physically, but mentally. In real D/s sessions you will have your session then you have aftercare. You come back to reality after being abused. When I do what I do there’s no aftercare, there’s no normal conversation. Most Dommes are always ON. Most Dommes tend to say that all women are better than all men, but I am not like that. I do believe that there are weak men as well as weak women. I expand more on my thoughts of this. Consider this as aftercare, telling you not just what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.
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