Sep 222018

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Serena Voxx and Sinn Sage
Three Agents (played by Jacquelyn, Serena and Sinn) have been working together closely on the field, but the time has now come for ONE of these agents to receive a promotion. Their Boss proceeds to tell them that the only way one of these agents will be promoted is by winning a timed knockout game with whomever gets the most KOs will be the winner.
The Agents then follow through by viciously dispensing out a simultaneous neck chop KO that sends all three agents flying back onto the couch. When Sinn wakes up, she decides to even the playing field by stripping Jacquelyn out of her boots, and thus begins the agents struggling between swift attacks and stripping until all the agents are clad in their lingerie and pantyhose!
When Sinn discovers a potent sleepy spray that she intends on using on the other two agents, all three girls grab it in a struggle that sets the spray off, and they go flying over the couch. The KOs continue with foot pressure point knockouts, body piles, and the girls desperately trying to top the other until finally Jacquelyn and Serena decide they should stick together to beat Sinn out of getting the promotion.
But, it’s every agent for themselves, and the girls wind up all double crossing each other because in this game: there can be only ONE agent who receives A Knockout Promotion!!
This movie contains 3 way neck chop KO, multiple neck chop KOs, foot pressure point KOs, neck kick KO, low blow KO, sleepy spray KO, three way sleepy spray KO, three way foot pressure point KO, foot smother KOs, quick KO reactions, pantyhose, body piles, limp limb manipulation
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Duration: 0:21:03 Resolution: 1280×720 Format: mp4 Size: 1.47 GB

Download – AKnockoutPromotion.mp4

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