Dec 162018

Alix Lynx and Darcie Dolce are boxing today. They have their gloves on and are bouncing in their corners. Both ladies are wearing nothing more than thong underwear and their boxing gloves. Their figures are glorious. They have tight bodies and large breasts. Their tits bounce up and down as the women dance in their respective corners. The bell rings and the fighters meet. Darcie goes on the offensive and bullies Alix into the turnbuckles. Darcie spends all of her energy attacking Alix’s sizeable breasts. Alix is in trouble and yelping from pain. Alix recovers enough to return the favor. She has Darcie on the ropes and slams haymaker after haymaker into Darcie’s large natural breasts. With a right hook, Alix sends Darcie to the mat. The ref makes a ten count. Alix saunters around the ring with her hands held high. However, while Alix has her back turned, Darcie rises from defeat, removes her boxing gloves and sneak attacks Alix. Alix is startled by this very unsportsmanlike attack. Darcie uses her now free hands to maul Alix’s bare nipples. Alix screams, removes her own boxing gloves, and traps Darcie in a bear hug. Watching these gorgeous fighters squeeze their giant tits together is a treat, but watching the winner do it to her passed out foe is the best part.
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